I have taken yoga lessons on and off during much of my adult life. The past five or six years of lessons with Frans and Peter have by far been the most enjoyable, challenging and satisfying. I am not a naturally talented or fanatic athlete but the concentration and physical attention required in yoga really appeal to me. Like many people these days my daily life does not include much physical activity or exertion and, particularly for me, involves mostly abstract mental work. The contrasting experience of yoga, to focus inwards, to pay attention to and strive toward improving how my body works, is much needed and greatly appreciated. It is fun to realize that sometimes you can even break a sweat ‘just standing still’. On a very practical level, my years of bad posture habits, those things we don’t even realize because after a while our body does not know any better, begin to fade away. Both of the instructors has been able to reveal to me different aspects of myself, a joy to experience these ‘aha’ moments and move on. I wouldn’t describe yoga as my life-style devotion but through the years of practice I have come to recognize how important it is to me. It makes me feel good physically, mentally and, dare I say, spiritually.